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welcome to Aart Mandigo Transformer winding services

Welcome to Art Mandigo Transformer Winding Services Inc.

We provide a full range of transformer winding consultation services for transformers ranging from 1,000 KVA to 1,000 MVA.

Art Mandigo is here to help your Company find the most cost effective solution to your transformer needs.

We are not a winding shop, but instead, we bring our expertise to your shop, thus facilitating quicker and more cost efficient transformer coil winding. If a backlog of coil winding should arise, we could readily solve that problem for you.

We are professionals in this area of expertise. As with all professionals, we can get you up and running faster, reduce costly down time and get your company back on schedule faster than in-house personnel is typically able to do.

Please take a moment to review our web site and find out more about the services we offer.

Please feel free to call or email us with any questions or problems you may have.




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